Metamorphosis and Cancer

Metamorphosis and Cancer by Cindy Silverlock –


I have been dealing with cancer and watching my journey through the eyes of Metamorphosis.

I have used myself as a test model for 29 years. Allowing myself to be uncomfortable and observing what Metamorphosis can do and when I need to use something else. Then I watch the synergy, or lack of synergy, that occurs.

Metamorphosis has held my fascination since I discovered it in 1989, and I have literally devoted my life to understanding it through my own life. Robert St. John always said, don’t take my word for it, find it for yourself. I have been doing that ever since.

Metamorphosis has transformed my marriage into a beautiful and deeply loving friendship. We both come from challenging backgrounds, so this was quite a transformation for us both.

But I have often had physical and anxiety issues that do not get addressed with Metamorphosis. As well as, I have discovered, trauma that I did not remember that lies beneath the anxiety and cancer. Many of these symptoms were actually somatic memories. Quite fascinating. If you listen to your symptoms, they can lead you deep inside to buried information.

Dealing with trauma is hard, but, the inner strength that Metamorphosis helps you find makes it easier to view challenges as a learning journey, instead of a threat. Moving you away from being the victim to knowing your strength. Finding compassion and wisdom along the way. Creating a new relationship with yourself. People who are abused tend to separate themselves away from their bodies and often abuse themselves with substance abuse, poor diet and endless self criticism… As you heal, you merge with yourself on all levels.

I have been on quite a journey for the last 7 months and feel I have discovered Metamorphosis on a new level. I always teach from experience, versus repeating information, and there is a lot to share from this fascinating 7 months. I chose to use this as an opportunity to grow and treat the tumor as a teaching friend. She has enlightened me and lightened me.

I will say that the tumor was considered very aggressive and I was told most people don’t survive… never tell anyone that by the way. She never spread and she is almost gone. I feel better than I did before, as I allow myself to shift and lighten. But, I knew she was here as a gift, so I have been working with her with the Medical Medium protocols for EBV and using Metamorphosis along with a few other things along the way. I did have to turn to traditional approaches, but, it is all part of the learning and re-aligning with self.

I will say that the EBV theory does seem to be true and the Medical Medium talks about how we inherit heavy metals and viruses. Much like Metamorphosis, these influences are brought in at conception and affect how we feel and function. If interested, you can listen to his audio recording here.

I have been progressing very positively and getting through a very challenging journey primarily with my understanding of Metamorphosis.

  • One, don’t label things, it is easier to let go of something if you are not owning it. I am or I have are very powerful words that can work against you. Don’t own what you don’t want.
  • Two, everything can change in an instant. Things that are happening are happening now, but tomorrow can bring a new experience. In the meantime, learn what you can from the experience you are in.
  • Three, transformation occurs when you ease deep tension, so never stop working on that deeper tension.
  • Four, what is more interesting than learning about healing and transformation… it is the reason we are here. Allow yourself to be with what is. Trust that sometimes the worst thing that can happen is the best thing that can happen, if you approach it that way.

Metamorphosis offers the potential for deep inner strength, as you allow yourself to be uncomfortable, you emerge in a new way. The beauty of the work is that you don’t change via the mind, you change deep within. So you don’t need to think or talk about it all, it is more about being present.


I love to support people on their journeys and this work is so profound and gentle at the same time. I hope to see you in a class soon. Your life can change and you will inspire others in the process. The world will become lighter as we each lighten our own load.

I am always honored to share this work and my journey with it, in an effort to inspire you to delve deep and lighten your own life.

Cindy Silverlock –

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